The term chronic disease means that the disease has damaged the vital body part and it can get worse with time. When we say “Chronic “it can have a very adverse effect on kidney health. Sometimes it can damage the kidney and it can stop functioning normally.

The kidney is a vital body part which should be taken care well. When it comes to the prevention of chronic kidney desires, the primary focus should be given to reduction of the level of diabetes and high blood pressure. These two can damage the kidney.

Apart from this, family history of kidney disease also can affect an individual It is must to take good care of weight and eat healthily. Following healthy habits, limiting alcohol and quitting smoking etc are good for kidney health. Always consume healthy food and drink ample of water to keep the system functional.

Always get the teste done regularly to rule out the chances of kidney diseases. If you are diabetic or face high blood pressure issues, always regularly get the blood work done. The test includes urine analysis, blood gular, creatine test and hemoglobin A1C. These tests will help you to find the issue at the early stage. These tests can save you from chronic kidney diseases.