Nephrology is a specialized field in medical science which deals with the treatment of kidney related diseases or disorders and other abnormalities in the functioning of kidneys. Those doctors that deal with nephrology and gain supervised practice skills in this field are termed as nephrologists.

Nephrology Conditions

There could be a variety of conditions involved in the nephrology along with different types of complications and individuals suffering from various illnesses some of which are discussed below:

  1. Acute kidney failure where a lot of fluid disturbances are observed in patients who ate admitted in hospitals.
  2. Chronic disease related to kidneys
  3. Those individuals who are present at their last stage when there is a failure of the kidney.
  4. Those individuals who suffer from hypertension problems
  5. Those people who have the problem of stones in kidneys
  6. Those patients who have gone through transplantation of kidney
  7. Those patients who are suffering from glomerular disease, though a rare condition to occur.

Treatment For Nephrology

Those individuals who are suffering from any type of nephrology conditions could get treated using a range of medical procedures and treatment options available such as:

  1. Dialysis including Hemodialysis, peritoneal dialysis and continuous renal replacement therapy
  2. Kidney transplantations and kidney biopsy
  3. Percutaneous cannula placement

Final Words

Therefore, through nephrology, various diseases could be diagnosed such as kidney failure and nephrologists also provide recommendations for those suffering from any kidney related problems such as lifestyle changes and most suitable treatment alternatives.