Dialysis is a life-saving procedure for people who suffer from kidney failure. It incorporates the removal of excess fluid waste from the body when the kidney is not able to filter it. There are two kinds of dialysis: peritoneal dialysis and hem dialysis. There are chances one may experience some side effects of dialysis but there is no need to stress much about it as it can be reduced. Some side effects of dialysis are mentioned below. Have a look:

Low Blood Pressure:

The issue of low blood pressure is highly common after undergoing the dialysis procedure. There can be different reasons that cause this problem: either due to the dropping in fluid levels or if you are suffering from diabetes. Along with this, the patient may feel fatigue, muscle cramps, nausea, vomiting etc. To reduce this problem, one must maintain a healthy fluid diet and avoid having salty food that leads to an increase in fluid level. The less you intake water, less fluid weight you get.


Sepsis can be developed during the process of hemodialysis. It is an extremely dangerous disease that creates blood poisoning. It is a stage where microorganism (bacteria) enters the body and escalates in every part through blood. This promptly affects and damage various organ of the body. If you feel high temperature or wooziness, it might be the indications of sepsis and you should immediately take help of your dialysis unit. It can be treated through infusions of antibiotics.

Itchy or Dry Skin

Skin problem is commonly experienced by numerous patients that undergo the dialysis. This is mainly felt in winter as the weather is too dry at the time. The most widely recognized reason behind itchy or dry skin is a high amount of phosphorus in the body. In order to get rid of the itching problem, you need to maintain the intake level of food items that contain phosphorus.  It’s vital to follow the diet plan strictly and to reduce the side effect avoid using the soaps or cleansers that dry out skin. Instead, use the moisturizers that don’t cause dryness on the body such as ivory soaps or moisturizing lotions. Additionally, try to avoid the lotions that contain excessive scents as it may irritate your skin and you feel more itchiness or dryness.


It is also a common problem that patients feel after having dialysis. Kidney failure leads to a reduction in generation of enough red blood cells in the body and immune system light get weak due to this. Kidney failure diminishes producing erythropoietin hormone which is responsible for the production of red blood cells. Therefore, a healthy and balanced diet is very necessary to control this problem. High absorption of iron and vitamins is utmost vital for the patients that suffer from anemia after hemodialysis procedure.


So, these were some of the side effects that dialysis procedure may cause. However, if one follows a proper diet it can be reduced to a higher extent.

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